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Fresno Tooth Extractions

Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

No. While tooth extractions may seem intimidating, we offer gentle tooth extractions at Bauer Dental Co. Dr. Christopher Bauer uses the latest numbing medications and surgical techniques to ensure your comfort throughout the entire process. Getting a tooth extraction can help relieve your pain, especially if you have an infected or damaged tooth. Contact us now to schedule a consultation at , and see how we can help with tooth extractions in Fresno.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Cleaning & Numbing

To begin the process, your Fresno dentist will clean your mouth, then isolate the tooth that is being extracted. Then, he will numb the treatment area using a topical anesthetic and a numbing needle. This ensures that you feel no pain or discomfort.

Tooth Extraction

Dr. Bauer will use special dental tools to wiggle the tooth and loosen it. Once it’s loose, he will grasp it with a pair of dental forceps and pull it out.

Cleaning & Suturing

Next, Dr. Bauer will clean up the treatment area and suture the extraction site shut. This minimizes the risk of infection and ensures that your tooth heals properly. If multiple teeth are being extracted, this entire process will be repeated.

Types Of Teeth Extractions

Tooth extractions in fresno CA

Basic Tooth Extractions

Basic extractions are often done on severely damaged or decayed teeth that can’t be restored with treatments like root canal therapy. In some cases, teeth may also need to be extracted to prepare for another dental treatment, like dentures or a dental implant.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The wisdom teeth are our third and final set of molars. They usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. This is much later than the rest of our adult teeth, which typically emerge by the age of 13. Many people don’t have room for their wisdom teeth, so they can cause complications and damage to the surrounding teeth when they emerge. We offer tooth extractions for non-impacted wisdom teeth at Bauer Dental Co.

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