Common Complications After Tooth Extractions & How to Avoid Them

December 13, 2022

If a tooth is badly damaged, sometimes the only solution is to have it extracted. While for most patients it’s a fairly straightforward process, nothing is without risk.

There is always the possibility of developing post-extraction complications. If you get a tooth extracted at Bauer Dental Company, Dr. Christopher Bauer will take you through the entire healing process and provide you with more personalized tips on how to care for the extraction site and help it heal properly.

But until then, check out these common tooth extraction complications, and what you need to do to avoid them:

1. Bleeding

It’s perfectly normal to experience a bit of bleeding after a tooth is pulled. Usually, bleeding will be mild and will only last for a few hours. To avoid this complication, remember to steer away from aspirin and opt for other pain medications like ibuprofen.

If you are dealing with blood-clotting issues, or are taking special medication that affects the blood’s ability to clot, it’s very important to tell Dr. Bauer about this before the procedure.

2. Dry Socket

A dry socket is a painful complication in which the blood clot that forms right after the tooth is pulled is dislodged. This exposes the bone, nerves, and other tissues and can lead to high levels of pain and bleeding. When this happens, you’ll need to see Dr. Bauer right away.

But, dry socket is also easily avoided with the right precautions:

  • Don’t touch the extraction site with your tongue or toothbrush
  • Chew on the other side of your mouth
  • Don’t suck liquids through a straw
  • Don’t spit
  • Avoid smoking

3. Infection

The mouth can be in a vulnerable state after an extraction. There are countless harmful bacteria present that can lead to unwanted complications after a tooth has been extracted.

You can avoid this with good oral care. While you should not brush right over the extraction site, you should still brush the rest of your mouth to remove as many food particles and bacteria as possible. You can gently rinse with saline water or gentle mouthwash for a more thorough cleaning. 

4. Jaw Fracture

In some cases, the sheer force used to pull the tooth may accidentally damage the jaw bone. This is usually the case with patients who suffer from a weak jaw, either because of a medical condition or even previous dental damage.

However, this complication can be avoided if you discuss your medical history with Dr. Bauer.

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