How Much Tooth Is Needed For A Crown? Explaining The Basics

February 16, 2022

If you have a severely damaged tooth, you can usually still get a dental crown in Fresno to repair and restore your damaged tooth. However, the process is usually a bit more complicated. In this blog from Bauer Dental Company, we’ll explain how damaged teeth are restored by Dr. Christopher Bauer at our office, and the other options you have if your tooth is too damaged to get a crown.

My Tooth Is Severely Damaged – Can I Still Get A Crown?

Generally, you can get a same-day dental crown to repair your tooth if you still have about 50% of the natural crown (tooth) above your gum line. However, if most of your tooth is missing, Dr. Bauer can’t attach a crown normally, because there’s not enough material left to hold it onto the tooth properly.

In this case, he will perform a root canal and a “post and core.” In a root canal, Dr. Bauer opens up your tooth, then cleans out all of the damaged and infected material from the inside. Then, while the tooth is still open, he will place a “post” in the tooth. This is a small metal or composite rod that sticks out from your tooth.

Then, he will adjust the post and begin adding the “core.” Using dental bonding material, he will build up the tooth around the post. This strengthens the tooth, and provides your crown with a stable, solid attachment point.

Understanding The Crown Placement Process

  • Tooth preparation – If your tooth is not infected and it’s not severely damaged, Dr. Bauer will simply trim away any damaged tooth material and create a stable platform for your crown. If your tooth is severely broken, he will need to perform a root canal, and then use a post and core to rebuild your tooth.

  • Building your crown – Once your tooth has been prepared, Dr. Bauer will take images and impressions of your tooth. Then, he will send this information to a dental lab, where your crown will be built. You’ll be sent home with a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

  • Final crown placement – In about 2-3 weeks, your crown will arrive at our office. Then, you’ll come in for your final appointment. Dr. Bauer will remove your temporary crown, then check the fit of your porcelain crown. Then, he will bond the porcelain crown in place permanently, restoring your bite, your smile, and your appearance.

What Are My Other Options?

Generally speaking, a crown is the best option if it’s at all possible to repair and restore your tooth. Dr. Bauer is a conservative dentist, which means he will always look to save your natural tooth.

But if your tooth is too damaged for a dental crown, you may need a tooth extraction. Broken teeth usually need a surgical extraction. In this procedure, the dentist creates an opening in your gums, then cuts the tooth into pieces and extracts it through this opening.

After your tooth has been extracted, you will need to replace it with a partial denture, a dental bridge, or a dental implant. Replacing your tooth immediately helps protect your oral health, and restores the function and appearance of your smile.

Get Help Right Away – Sooner Is Better For Repairing Damaged Teeth

The longer you wait to repair a decayed or broken tooth, the harder it will be to save your tooth. Getting immediate care from a dentist like Dr. Bauer will relieve your pain, prevent further complications, and save you both time and money. So don’t wait. If you think you need a dental crown in Fresno, contact Bauer Dental Company online or give us a call at ​​(559) 435-4020. We’re always here to help.

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